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Offering the next-generation data visualisation technology for command centers

A command center, such as an Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower, is a quintessential environment where the concept of situational awareness is translated into reality: surrounded by multiple gigantic screens, operators constantly manage impressive amounts of information crucial to correctly regulate and monitor airplane activities as well as ground actions of passengers, operators, and vehicles.


Such command centers do not merely exist at airports. Everywhere people need to tackle huge amounts of data, sometimes even surpassing their cognitive load, has a command center in some kind.

Humanitas is working in collaboration with partners to develop a distributed mobile command center of the future. 

It will feature an agile, dynamic and ad-hoc networking layer to connect heterogeneous mobile nodes and smart objects for next-generation situational awareness applications with reduced cognitive load.


Underlaid with the HEAVEN networking technology, our technology will allow everyone to use a smartphone or tablet as a distributed mobile UTM (command center), with which one can easily collect, elaborate and portray the data generated by the ecosystem to make informed decisions.

Different kinds of customizable boards and modular forms are offered to access the data in the most efficient way. Color codes are implemented to distinguish urgency levels. Different logics and criteria are also included for optimal data organization.
On top of that, an Augmented Reality (AR) dedicated User Interface will also be developed to significantly reduce cognitive load as well as increase operators’ efficiency.
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