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The drone industry is experiencing exponential growth around the world as the benefits brought by drones have proven themselves useful in a wide range of industries. These said benefits include, but are not limited to, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced workload and operational costs, improved accuracy and security, and refined service and customer relations.

Humanitas Solutions proposes various drone solutions based on swarming intelligence to make drones even more powerful and intelligent, getting ready for the digital airspace of the future.

Getting faster through the power of many

A fleet (swarm) of drones has the potential of dramatically improving the efficiency of drone operations on construction sites by N-fold (N is the number of drones deployed in the fleet).

Getting faster through the power of embedded distributed processing

Our 3D mapping & scanning engine runs the 3D processing algorithms that elaborate images and other sensors data to build accurate 3D models onboard during the flight. Every drone is responsible of create a partial 3D model that will be stitched together for a complete 3D map.

Breaking the one-pilot-one-drone rule for increased responsiveness and reduced cost

Current state-of-the-art drone solutions is strictly kept on the one-pilot-one-drone paradigm. However, finding the right pilots at the right time can be harder than you think. Also, the hourly rate of a trained pilot is not negligible.


The Smart Swarming Technology of Humanitas allows for a one-user-multiple-drone paradigm fully compatible with any off-the-shelf drones. In this way, a drone fleet can be easily made available at reduced operational cost.

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