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Empower teamwork anytime anywhere

Building the most resilient and secure solutions by bridging Humans, Information Technology & Aerospace

How your business can get smarter


Business insights through geolocation information

Empower ubiquitous connectivity in cities

Enable connection between long distance


Business insights through geolocation information

Drone fleet for security


For safe civilian airspace

Situational Awareness

Aware of any detail happening on site

For training & accelerated development

Grasp the overall image with less cognitive load


A smart ecosystem powered by drone fleets

Extracting the full potential of AI

Comprehensive security solutions for businesses


Enhanced Visual Experience with AR/VR engine

Collaborative Smart Swarming Robotics 

Real-time inflight 3D Processing Engine

Distributed Ad-hoc Storage Service 

Autonomous drone battery-swap system

Heterogeneous Embedded Ad-hoc Virtual Emergency Network

The latest

We Are the World, and We Can Always Do More
Technology to Enhance Educational Environments Worldwide
How do we make telecommunication services available to those who need it the most ?
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