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Robotics Intern


The Company

HumanITas Solutions develops ICT and Robotics solutions for emergency response scenarios, as well as any field operations in limited resource environments. Our unique concept is to combine swarms of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones) with ad-hoc telecommunication networks and the latest 3D and mobile development technologies to offer a suite of collaborative solutions for data gathering and coordination of complex operations in any kind of situations, including austere environments without telecommunication networks.


For instance, surveying and monitoring of extended regions (even remote ones) can be dramatically speeded up with our swarm of autonomous UAVs capable of operating without any pre-existing telecommunication infrastructures, under the supervision of just one user with a tablet running our mission planner app.


We are looking for a new robotics intern to join our journey and contribute to our quest for efficient, collaborative drone operation in low-resource environments.

The intern will participate in the development of the two main components of our drone swarming ecosystem to make it suitable for programmed missions:

  • New collaborative behaviors to be loaded on our proprietary swarming engine (compatible with any kind of drones).

  • The hyper-realistic simulator for improved testing and certification of swarm-based technology.


The ultimate goal is to deliver a fully working solution for autonomous monitoring and object detection for remote areas and large infrastructure sites.

The Team


We are an ambitious group of young people who aim to contribute to a little change in the world by creating IT solutions that would help in the emergency services around the world.

Compassion is at the core of our business and our collaboration is stimulated by our desire to challenge our limits and explore our potential.  

The Job

We are looking for like-minded partners, who would join our journey and contribute to our quest.

Today we need a partner who would run the following area:

  • Participate in the development of AI-based algorithms for autonomous decision making and improved situational awareness.

  • Participate in the development of native swarming capabilities like collision avoidance, connectivity maintenance, and energy-aware management.

  • Participate in the integration of the aforementioned components with a ROS environment, as well as with our proprietary simulation ecosystem.

  • Participate in the integration of new peripherals for sensing, communication, transportation, etc.

  • Participate in the development of high-level collaborative behaviors for mapping, surveying, and monitoring.

  • Produce the proper project and code documentation

  • Comply with the project management routines in place.

  • Participate in the drafting of patents.

  • Reviewing projects for accuracy and quality.

  • Learning to be the expert in topics not yet known.


The ideal partner would have:

  • Master’s degree in Software or Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering or in a similar area of expertise; 

  • Drone flight experience 

  • Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS);

  • Experience with C/C++ and/or Python development;

  • Experience with simulation tools;

  • Modeling of aerial systems;

  • Solid background in drone control theory;

  • Solid background in computer science;

  • Basic experience in mechanical engineering;

  • Flexibility and strong project/assigned tasks ownership;

  • Capability to adapt to organizational processes and to contribute to continuous improvement;

  • Strong aptitude to work and make decisions autonomously;

  • A result-oriented approach, strong planning, and organizational skills;

  • Rigorous and creative software development attitude;

  • Ability to troubleshoot problems;

  • Resourcefulness, dynamic and a team player attitude;

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (French or English)


The Perks:

  • A meaningful purpose

  • An accessible, flexible and caring Management

  • A very supportive and motivating team

  • A rich multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment

  • Real and tangible innovation

  • Real sense of ownership as you see your idea developing from a simple design to the final deployment on the ground

  • Work closely with drones and well-known experts in the IT field

  • A flexible social benefits program and many group social activities


Position: Robotics Intern

Job Type: Full-time/Internship

Salary: TBD

Start date: 2020/07/27


Equal Employment Opportunity

HumanITas is firmly committed to ensuring a positive and professional working environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. We aim to provide a fair and consistent method for filling job openings in support of equality of opportunity and cultural diversity within the company.

The masculine gender is used throughout this job description solely to make the text easier to read and therefore applies to both men and women.




Our values

Compassion - Collaboration - Passion - Innovation

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