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At Humanitas, we aim to provide city-wide connectivity, regardless of contextual situations.


People are used to ubiquitous connectivity in today’s urban environments. However, this might not be true elsewhere.

For instance, underground parking, railways, or even elevator cabinets can sometimes be blind spots of weak or totally no reception; events such as conferences, music festivals or sports games may cause the network to become too congested; in remote or less developed areas, the telecom infrastructure may be not as performant as that in big cities.


On top of that, temporary failures of infrastructures can happen at any time and be caused by many factors.

Moreover, natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, floods, explosions, etc. can result in complete or partial no service due to infrastructure damage or extreme congestion.

Our patent-pending HEAVEN technology is a mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) technology that interconnects any kind of devices over a virtual network. Most distinguishingly, it is built to work without any pre-existing telecommunication infrastructures. Furthermore, our technology allows a seamless transit from HEAVEN to normal cellular networks when available.

haiti-earthquake (1).jpg

Our network technology can be a seamless extender of traditional cellular, wifi and wired networks to ensure constant city-wide connectivity, anytime and anywhere.

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