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Collaborative Swarm Robotics

Managing multiple drones from one app
Our platform allows the management of an autonomous fleet of drones
through a single entry point.

We have completed a collaborative robotics engine based on the swarm programming running over the Robot Operating System (ROS). 

Smart Swarming Technology is a proprietary technology that breaks the one-pilot-one-drone rule and enables one operator with minimum training to fly a fleet of autonomous drones. Regardless of external conditions, these flying robots are capable of performing complex missions with minimum configuration and management efforts by autonomously distributing the workload to fleet members.

The Smart Swarming Technology is powered by AI algorithms which allow drones to understand high-level commands given by the fleet operator and distribute the task into subtasks to every fleet member based on its aptitude and current status.


Such intelligence of autonomy ensures the operation of multiple drones without increasing the cognitive load of human operators, thus enabling one operator to monitor the whole fleet.

To deploy the Smart Swarming Technology, drones require an onboard computer of impressive computing capabilities, e.g. an NVidia Jetson TX1 or TX2.


Humanitas Solutions embraces the synergy between Collaborative Robotics and Real-time Processing to make drone-related operations more reliable and efficient.

The secret is the combination of the Smart Swarming Technology and the 3D Mapping & Scanning engine to merge the power of collaboration with the power of autonomy without increasing the burden for human operators.

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