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Our technology enables the reduction of 3D processing time by N-fold

(N is the number of drones deployed in one mission).

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), a.k.a. drones, provide revolutionary opportunities in a wide range of industries, such as media and entertainment, public and private security, utilities, agriculture, energy, etc.


Among the various uses-cases, one of the most important benefits drones bring to industries is their capability of enhancing the efficiency of quick and easy data collection operations.

Time drone

However, extracting the full potential of the huge amounts of data collected by drones can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming. Especially when the expected outcome, i.e. 3D maps, is required for timely operations.


Humanitas Solutions embraces the synergy between the Smart Swarming Technology and 3D Mapping & Scanning engine to merge the power of collaboration with the power of autonomy to make drone-related operations more reliable and efficient.


The entire task target zone is divided into N sub-zones, assigning each sub-zone to an individual drone. These sub-zones are further re-constructed independently to be later stitched up together by dedicated collaborative algorithms.


Besides, the swarm processing unit installed on each drone (an embedded GPU), coupled with our unique engine for seamless data and computing workload distribution (DASS) can process the 3D workload by exploiting the computing power of the whole fleet, facilitating a nearly-real-time 3D generation.

Distributed Ad-hoc Storage Service
3D Mapping Pipeline
3d mapping pipeline_horizon.png
Key features
Competitve Advantages
One user controls a fleet of drones
Switch between online & off-grid mode
Real-time processing for shorter processing delay
Intelligent task distribution
All-in-one solution taking care from automated take-off to exportation of 3D maps




Predictive capabilities

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