Our mission

Developing solutions to increase security and protection of human life.


Our partners

Innovating to stay ahead

" Striving to innovate, people at  Humanitas believe technology can change the world. We are endeavoring to deliver cutting-edge technologies into the hands of field workers to empower teamwork anytime and anywhere."

Abdo Shabah MD MSc MBA CEO, Founder, HUMANITAS

Quick facts

20+ global partners across academia, industry,

and the humanitarian community

20+ employees and 40+ researchers


Winner, “Bold Ideas with Big Impact,”

Grand Challenges Canada 2014

Semi-Finalist, Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge 2015


Semi-Finalist, UAE Drones for Good Award 2016

Finalist, Ericsson Smart City Challenge, 2016

Finalist, Innobahn/UBISOFT - METROPOLIS 2017

Best Favorite "Coup de Coeur",

Accelerator HEC-National Bank of Canada, 2017


Our roots

Dr. Abdo Shabah was with the Canadian Red Cross in response to the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake. As an emergency physician, he experienced with the lack of technical support on the field and realized the impact of this scarcity on lifesaving outcomes. Upon his return, he thus decided to start a project along with a group of passionate people. Their ultimate goal is to develop relevant technologies for frontline workers. This is how Humanitas Solutions started in 2013.

Today, Humanitas Solutions is a creative team of designers, developers, and researchers. People exchange their expertise, compassion, and initiatives leading to a shared, determined destination.


Our values

Compassion - Collaboration - Passion - Innovation

Situational Awareness
Developing solutions to increase security and protection of human life.