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The drone industry is experiencing exponential growth around the world as the benefits brought by drones have proven themselves useful in a wide range of industries.


However, with increasingly easier access to drones of decent capabilities at lower costs, concerns about the threat they pose in civilian environments are also rapidly rising.

It is believed that drones have the potential to be both a powerful tool supporting law enforcement and a dreadful tactic used by hostile operators for malicious intents.

Humanitas Solutions leverages its proprietary Smart Swarming Technology to help maintain a safe civilian airspace.

How our solution work

A fleet of patroller drones is monitoring a target area; if an intruder drone is detected crossing the boundary of the protected zone, the patroller drone detects and instantly alerts the entire security team.

Embedded AI will assume the weight of the intruder to decide the necessary number of drones for the interception task based on the visual information collected.

When the intruder has reached an ideal position for all interceptors based on AI calculations, all of them will shoot a tethered net to catch it.


*This prevents the captured drone from falling to the ground and causing an explosion from the crash.

Once captured, the intruder will be suspended from the multiple interceptor drones that share the payload to transport it to a designated place where ground security personnel will tend to the issue.

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