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Although the adoption of surveillance drones seems to continuously increase these days, especially within the public security sectors, their limited battery autonomy considerably hinders their performance and restrains their use to short duration missions.

Underlaid with its                                           and autonomous                                          , Humanitas proposes a drone swarming solution that enables 24/7 surveillance and monitoring.


A fleet of drones receives the command from one operator to patrol a defined zone from above for extended view.

A specific coverage percentage rate is calculated by embedded AI algorithms to ensure the target zone can be protected by the drones of the fleet. 

Smart Swarming Technology enables every member drone to coordinate with each other by smartly dividing the zone into subzones, assigning every drone to a subzone.


To enable a 24/7 non-stop operation, Humanitas propose its Energy Management System that can change drone batteries autonomously.

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